How to join ARC

An ‘Attachment Aware’ approach lies at the heart of much of the best teaching and learning in many highly effective settings – in other words it is core business and something schools and settings can address that will make a difference to mental health.

By joining the ARC you will become part of our growing community of schools, settings, Virtual Heads, educational psychologists and many more, who are all committed to developing best practice by sharing their learning about attachment.

ARC membership is open to Schools and other Learning Settings, Virtual Schools, Psychologists and Higher Education Institutions who commit to supporting the development of best practice and understanding of attachment within education.

Benefits of becoming an ARC member

Access to a network of support through the online discussion boards. Support and help each other embed practices within your school or setting. 
Access to resources and case studies through the online platform as well as a framed certificate for your setting to celebrate your commitment to being attachment aware. 
Expert advice on commissioning training for your setting. With the help of our network of trainers and educational psychologists we have put together guidance on what good training looks like. 
Online tools and resources to help support your school or setting on your attachment aware journey. The online tools are designed to help self assess where your school or setting is currently and to show your improvement as you make your way through your attachment aware journey. 
Priority and discounted booking for the ARC annual conference and regional events throughout the year. 

Your pathway as a member

Complete an ARC Audit on your member's dashboard

Evaluating the mental health and well-being of everyone in the setting may seem daunting but at this stage a broad overview is what is needed. The ARC Audit provides a detailed analysis of the setting’s work, which can be reviewed as often as needed.

Complete your ARC Development Plan

The ARC Development Plan uses ARC’s Audit analysis to focus decisions about a settings strengths to develop and gaps to address. It allows for tracking of progress and review

Address Development Plan Priorities - Take a look at ARC’s guide to commissioning training

From your Development Plan you will see where there is room to improve and where your priorities are. Committing to exploring an attachment aware and trauma informed approach is a challenging step. As part of ARC membership members have access to advice and peer support on how to commission attachment aware training.

An attachment aware approach needs to be matched by capacity building in adults so action research, which is built on reflective practice and solution focused curiosity, is an ideal approach for embedding improvement.

ARC’s Projects section, on the members dashboard, allows members to create an online space which can be for one school or for many. It can be open to the whole ARC Community or closed to chosen ARC members. It also gives members a space for forum discussions, sharing documents and uploading data.

One year on, what has changed? What has improved?

Evaluation may be done by the setting on its own or with the support of a research partner (Educational Psychologist, Virtual School or University). ARC has strong links with Universities and psychologists who can support all members in adding objectivity and rigour to their learning.

It is important to share and celebrate your learning.

ARC is a community that brings together best practice. Being an ARC member, you gain support from your peers. The ARC members dashboard shares case studies from its members as well offering members the opportunity to contribute to the wider community through the ARC Annual Conference and Regional Events.

The ARC Member Commitment

  • Promoting inclusion and preventing exclusion
  • Developing effective strategies to support children and adults
  • Promoting high quality training
  • Sharing your learning with the ARC network
  • Working safely and with supervision.

The Attachment Research Community annual membership starts from £125 + VAT There are two tiers of membership, depending on the number of users required to login. Note this is per school/setting.