10th March 2020 9.00am - 4.00pm Conferences

Gangs, Violence and the Attachment Solution

All presentations & posters that are available can be downloaded below

Key Note Speakers 

Zubeda Limbada

Simeon Moore a writer, musician and advocate for young people. He was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang
The Culture Killing Our Youth
Simeon’s presentation will be based on the journey of his life to show how poor environmental factors and negative mental programming effect young people and are the driving forces of gang culture, youth violence and knife crime. It will also detail how Simeon was able to turn his life around and the positive factors which, allowed him to do so.

Interviewed for the BBC Simeon Moore recalls what it was like growing up…
Growing up, Moore recalls how the people he saw "doing well" were doing "gangster stuff" and how aged 11, he joined in - robbing, stealing and selling drugs, before progressing onto carrying weapons.
"That's where I got my inspiration from," he says candidly. "I [was] only going to go one way.
"But if anyone who leads that kind of life says they like it, they're lying.

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 Dr Lola Abudu - Deputy Director Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England, West Midlands Centre
Adversity, Attachment and Violence Prevention
Ten years of austerity have contributed to significant challenges facing children, young people and their families and carers. Dr Lola Abudu will explore the relationships between adversity, attachment in the context of the increasing rates of serious violence and youth violence. Violence is now recognised as a public health issue. A multiagency and multidisciplinary approach is essential to tackling its root causes and mitigating the impacts on individuals and communities of experiencing violence in all its forms. Dr Abudu will challenge the audience to consider how early years providers, primary schools and other educational settings can make their contribution to these efforts. Specifically, how can this work effectively join up with local place based approaches to violence prevention and the developing Violence Reduction Units?

Poster Presentations

As part of the day, delegates had an opportunity to talk to those already working within projects in order to find a solution suitable to their situation. They provided a poster presentation explaining the key points as well as presenting to smaller groups at dedicated times during the day. 

Topics include; 
 Building Resilience Project – Supporting Families Against Youth Crime - Click here to download the poster
Can psychological models support schools in contextual safeguarding around youth violence? - Click here to download the poster
 Identifying those at risk of joining gangs & offering diversion opportunities - Click here to download the poster
 Stoke City Football Club’s violence reduction programme - Click here to download the poster 
 How can community-based organisations help prevent young people becoming involved with gangs and crime? - Click here to download the poster
Dudley ‘627’ Pilot Project - Click here to download the poster
An overlap? Contextual safeguarding: extremism and gangs - Click here to download the poster